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You deserve to make the most out of your hard work. We make that possible with the fastest loading and smartest ad network in the world.

Live Smarter.

Serve Smarter.

We don't serve rich media ads, we don't serve video ads, and we don't allow any ad servers from our advertisers. We do not work with DSPs, exchanges or other ad networks. We work directly with all of our advertisers or their AORs. All of this ensures you get the fastest loading ads and the highest cut of the initial ad spend.

Our goal was to create a lightweight ad network that loads ads lightning fast, without slowing down your site one iota.
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    Better Targeting

    We show ads related to the content of the page where the ads are displayed, as well as the demographics of your reader base.

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    Automated Optimization

    Our optimization algorithm ensures the right ads are being served at the right time to ensure the highest CPM possible for our publishers.

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    Multiple Ad Styles And Types

    We have over 20 ad units you can choose from, or you can let us rotate them and automatically determine the highest performing combination of ad unit style and ads.

All of this, plus our unmatched optimization technology, leaves publishers with only one choice. Live Smarter.

"We can finally relax and stop looking for even half decent ad networks. We found the best. We can now focus solely on content, knowing our full earning potential is being realized. Live Smarter's ads actually increase engagement of our readers and help us monetize our content without having to worry about anything but delivering good content to our readers.”